Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Progress 2.0

In between sewing the corset, I'm also sewing together the center of my quilt.  It's starting to look like an actual blanket now!

Starting to Look Cuddly!

You can tell from the sashing strip at the bottom right that I'm not the greatest at this--but this is my first time doing it!  As I mentioned before, I'm using the quilt as you go method, though instead of using a blanket stitch to hold it all together, I'm "stitching in the ditch" of the front sashing, and carefully pinning to make sure I get the back sashing sewn down with it.  The front sides look pretty good, right?  My stitches are almost invisible up top, except for a few spots where I sometimes "wandered" a teensy bit.  The back, though... I'm not sure if it's stretching out to make uneven strips because I didn't cut on grain, or what. 

But since it's the first time I've done it, as long as it's all sewn down and it hides all the raw edges, I'm happy!

So far I've only done three of the rows that I planned out in this post, so here's to hoping I improve more as well.  I didn't know this part would be so B O R I N G, though!  I didn't mind quilting it, I didn't mind cutting all the sashing... but jeez, sewing all the sashing on is kind of monotonous.  At least when I see it come altogether and look a little more finished, I get happy. :)

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