Monday, January 9, 2012

Halloween (is Everyday), Hey!

Man, I've been working on this since about September, and now It's the new year, and I've not posted anything about it yet.

It's my first quilt, and I decided after a while to go with the "quilt as you go" method.  I'm glad I did! I finally got done quilting all but 4 of the squares, so I decided to take photos of all of them and put them together in a "mockup" to ensure I liked the placement. And seriously, before I "photoshopped" in the sashing that these pieces will have when they're joined together, it looked WAY TOO BUSY. 

But now... now it just looks awesomely tacky, like it should!

Quilt "mock-up"

The only blocks I don't have individual pictures of are the 54/40 blocks, but they're all the same layout.  The pictures aren't the greatest to show color and detail, but they're just for mockup purposes, so I think they serve their purpose well.  The other blocks were all of my own invention, except the spiderwebs.  I tried  "wonky paper piecing" for two of the spiderwebs, but it just did not work out for me (can you see?  They look way too wonky!), so I developed my own method to make the other four, anyway.

This will have 2.5 more borders around it as well, so it's not quite close to done yet.

And I also have a few other sewing and knitting projects in the works, too. :)

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