Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So Behind!

For the corset sew-along, that is.  I got to distracted trying to finish my other corset...and then dogs and going back to school got in the way, and I haven't felt like sewing!  I'm pinning the final pieces together currently, we'll see how long that all takes. 

But I am finished with my underbust corset!  I took some better pictures this time:

Underbust #2 Front

Underbust #2 Side

Underbust #2 Back

I'm quite pleased with the binding at the top front, although the bottom is just a tad uneven.  I used a blanket binding  method, by the way.  I cut out two-inch wide strips of my fashion fabric, folded it in half, sewed it to the top edge of my corset with the raw edges  next to each other (like I was sewing a side seam), and then turned the folded edge over and stitched it down from the front.  Since it was a knit suedecloth, it molded itself around the edges perfectly.  It doesn't look the best in the inside, but that's because my strips were a little too thin, I think--if they were wider, it would have allowed my stitches to catch the binding on front and back.  It's secure, though, so I'm not worrying.   

The side view is the same one I showed last time; I fixed the wrinkle almost completely!  The loose thread is still there in the photo, though--I still need to tie it down and hide the ends.

The back is still not a great photo, but it will do.  I vertically boned my modesty panel with three leftover bones, but I should have done some horizontal boning, because as you can see, it wrinkles together.    I made a "floating" panel, so it's being held to the corset by two sets of grommets which the lacing goes through, but I'm thinking if I tack down the one side of it to make it an adhered panel, it may be easier to coax into laying flat when I put it on.

And for a bit of a better view of the shape it gives, here's a slightly farther away shot... the lighting turned out bad, but you can still see the silhouette.

Underbust #2

Yes, those are my xbox huge hips that flare out even to the hem of my shirt and after.  I'm wearing the corset loosely, so it only compresses my waist by about 1.5 or 2 inches, but the effect looks good so far.


  1. I love the corset....been enjoying your progress. I would love to make myself one but afraid I wouldn't have the patients. lol I'll just buy mine like I normally do. lol
    Great job and your waist looks amazing!

    1. Thanks! I feel like it isn't *too* much harder than, say, quilting circles... the binding at the end is just like you would do when quilting, too!